Bloom’s -Task – Assessment

Isosceles Triangles


1. Draw an isosceles triangle.

2. Circle the isosceles triangles in the picture below.


1. Multiple Choice – Chose the correct answer

Which statement is true about an isosceles triangle?

a)    All side have the same measure

b)   Two sides have the same measure

c)    None of the sides have the same measure

2. True or False – Write T (True) or F (False)

Isosceles triangles have two angles with the same measure. ______


1. Maria is planting flowers around an isosceles triangular garden. The perimeter of the garden is 62 feet and the shortest side is 12 feet, what are the measures of the other sides of the garden?

Show your work.

2. One of the angles in an isosceles triangle is 48°, write the steps to finding the measures of the other angles in the triangle.


1. Construct an isosceles triangle. What are the characteristics of an isosceles triangle? What properties of geometric figures do you know that might be of help to you to construct an isosceles triangle and guarantee that it is isosceles without using any measurement tool?

2. Use GeoSketch Pad to manipulate an isosceles triangle


1. Create a word problem about isosceles triangles.

2. Using the properties of an isosceles triangle, design a review game about isosceles    triangles.


1. Given triangle ABC, with D on BC and AD bisecting angle A.  The center of the circle circumscribing ABC is the same point as the center of the circle inscribed in ADC.  Prove that ABC is an isosceles triangle.

2.Use the 2-column approach to justify the statement above.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Maria Droujkova
    Aug 19, 2010 @ 13:30:50

    I think the two-column standard was developed specifically to assess the higher-order task of proof. Some people claim the use of the tool lowers the level of the task, because it’s such a strong scaffold, Lockhart, for example, in his “Lament”:


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