Math Textbook Review

Until June of the past school year my school district used Math in Context, MiC. Most teachers did not like the program because they felt it did not address the basic skills that our students lacked. They were correct, however, MiC is content based. Instead of a large textbook, the program uses several small books (strands), each strand is designed to address a particular area of mathematics. The video below is a brief introduction a section in MiC – Insights Into Data.

Click to preview MiC

In relation to Bloom’s Taxonomy MiC uses questions that are application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation levels. Students are presented with scenarios in which they required to study the information and make logical responses and also back up their responses with justification. The role of the teacher when using MiC is to ask the students questions that will eventually guide the students to an answer. The students arrive at their answers through discovery and group conversation. In my opinion the MiC textbooks were designed with the assumption that the students are on grade level. Since the book guides students, there are questions that seem redundant and this becomes frustrating to the students and the teacher. Overall, I believe that MiC addressed the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy because students are asked to justify their answers based on the observations and problem-solving skills.


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