Math Learning and Assessment

At the beginning of this course I felt overwhelmed because I was learning how to apply several application on the internet. After learning how use those activities and I looking pass the number of task required for each week I learned more in 7 weeks that I did in a long time.

This course introduced me to blogging, jing and screencast, Diigo, Dan Myer, math forums, GeoGebra, live events on-line, google groups, wikis, and many more. I also got a chance to start developing my philosophy about what is important in math. The aforementioned became the foundation on which I designed lesson plans, commented on class members’ blogs, and created meaningful tasks that I could later use with students or as resources. From this course I am also moving forward with a new lens, as I prepare math tasks, I will be thinking about the level of math sophistication in the task and how to alleviate math anxiety in my students.

Unlike most online classes this course had the feel of a regular course because of the virtual classroom. Everyone was respected and their voices were heard during the online discussions.

The most difficult task for me was commenting of other class members blogs especially on their mini-units because I have a limited secondary math background and I was unfamiliar with some of the higher level math content.

A suggestion for future classes is students work as a group to continue developing a unit over the course weeks.

Excellent course and professor. Thanks for the opportunity to gain a new insights on teaching, learning and assessning math.


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